First time travelling in Asia

Why you should go to Southeast Asia if you’re a first time traveler  

Southeast Asia is one of the most visited places in the world. It’s become an iconic destination for backpackers and all kinds of travelers who are seeking a slice of paradise. Southeast Asia has a lot to offer as well- you have everything from beaches to grand mountains, small cities, massive cities and incredible food. If you’re going to travel for the first time, go to Southeast Asia. Why you may ask? Here’s why:

The tourism infrastructure is so developed

Traveling in Southeast Asia is a piece of cake. There’s so many established routes now that you can always be sure to find your way to the place you want to go. There’s so many hostels, so many restaurants with English menus and locals who’ve learnt the language. The transportation system is also super easy and there’s simply so much information about traveling in Southeast Asia that you might even feel overwhelmed by the information. Compare that to for example Central Asia, where there’s not many tourists and where it can be a bit hard to understand what there is to do and see. But if you want to go to a place that’s easy to travel around in, Southeast Asia is probably your best bet.

It’s safe

Traveling in Southeast Asia is safe. If there’s anything to think of, it’s to keep your valuables close to you when you’re outside. But even pick pocketing is rare. It’s always nice to start your traveling journey in a place that at least feels safe.

There’s so much to do and see

If you’re going to travel for a longer time, you’ll want to see and do a lot of things. Thankfully, Southeast Asia is the perfect place to go to if you like adventure and pace. Vietnam is a perfect example of the diversity of Southeast Asia. In the north you have the beautiful mountains where you can trek, you can cruise around in Halong Bay and you can go partying in Hanoi. In central Vietnam you can visit the stunning ancient town Hoi An and watch all the lanterns light up at night. In the south there’s wonderful beaches where you can relax, try some kitesurfing and eat some good food. And that’s just in Vietnam!

There’s a lot of travelers there

This is both a good thing and a bad thing. It all depends on your preferences. But if you’re traveling for the first time, it can be nice to be surrounded by other travelers rather than staying all alone in a hostel. In that sense, Southeast Asia is great because you’ll definitely meet a lot of people that you can chat with, travel with and grab a beer or two with. Southeast Asia is a very social destination and it’s always nice to have people around you when you’re a first time traveler.

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