Harry Potter Cafe

There is a Harry Potter themed cafe in Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Imagine you’re going to Tashkent, Uzbekistan, a country in Central Asia that’s still quite the hidden gem, and you’re looking for a nice cafe to eat at and drink a cup of coffee. You’re looking for something different, perhaps not your typical cafe. All of sudden you come across something – Pottermania? What’s that? Why, it’s a Harry Potter themed cafe. In Tashkent, of all places in the world.

When I heard about it, I immediately knew I had to go there. I’ve always been a huge Harry Potter fan but never had the chance to visit Harry Potter World in London for example. So when I found out about this cafe, I hurried up to get there the minute I got to Tashkent and I have to say – I was impressed.

The cafe is centrally located in Tashkent and it’s not hard to find. You’ll see the signs saying “Pottermania” with the iconic scar Harry has on his forehead. But this cafe isn’t your ordinary cafe though (if you haven’t figured yet). Instead of sitting outside and enjoying the sunshine or even the sunlight, you’ll have to go underground to access the cafe. It’s dark, it’s decorated with all things Harry Potter and it’s wonderful. Imagine walking into a cafe where you can drink butterbeer! YES! Butterbeer! The entire menu has names named after a Harry Potter character, potion, or anything related to Harry Potter. If you’re a vegetarian and struggling in Tashkent, come here! There were surprisingly a lot of choices here.

Besides eating and drinking potions, you can also dress up. They have the cloaks, the wands and the hats, all so you can get the perfect picture. By the entrance of the cafe, you can also take a photo of you running to platform 9 ¾. I was a very happy kid.

The butterbeer tastes a bit like caramel coke float, if that makes sense? For lunch I ate a salad, which was quite good. The prices are fair too, like everywhere in Uzbekistan, and it was nice to get a break from the scorching sun outside. There weren’t many guests when we were there, which was perfect, because you could goof around and take as many nerdy photos you wanted. The staff speaks English too and will gladly help you with anything you need.

So next time you’re in Tashkent or you’re going there for the first time, make sure to make a pit stop at this Harry Potter themed cafe. It’s absolutely lovely and it’s even better that it’s in Uzbekistan, not exactly the first place you’d expect to bump into a Harry Potter themed cafe.

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